Getting Things Tech is all about its users. That means, in addition to busting our tail to provide you with our best content, that we provide it even when we don’t make money from it. We have some plans for “monetization,” as the industry calls it, but the simple truth is that Getting Things Tech is a work of love.

If you love us back, we would love to have your support. It keeps the website running and gives us the flexibility to create content instead of spending precious energy on other projects to keep our finances in order.

While we respect anyone’s decision to block advertising, a donation would be a particularly thoughtful way to respect us back for our need to have some revenue.

Any amount helps. We do not have a great deal of overhead, so you might be surprised by the extent to which you can help out with small donations. If you would prefer to place ads on the site in exchange for your donation, use the contact form first.

You can have your donation will be processed securely through Paypal, so GTT will not have your sensitive information. Click the “Donate” button below to proceed.

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