Google Drive is now dirt cheap

There are lots of options for cloud storage, something we here at GettingThingsTech are planning to cover in more detail later. DropBox is the giant in the industry while anyone with a Windows 8 computer probably knows a thing or two about OneDrive (the artist formerly known as SkyDrive). If you have a Google account, then guess what – you have Google Drive. And if you want more than 15GB of space on that account, it will be cheaper to get it from Google than virtually anywhere else.

According to the official Google Drive blog, you can now upgrade to 100 GB for only $1.99 a month, a huge price cut from its former price at $4.99. Other price points are way down as well, with 1TB and 10TB tiers getting similarly drastic price cuts.

While we love the Windows and MS Office integration of OneDrive and the simplicity and foolproof-ness of DropBox, Google Drive also offers an easy to use, lightweight Mac and PC app to sync your files on your computer. This means you can tell Google Drive to sync some or all of the folders on your computer and they will all be saved securely in the cloud. Likewise, if you want to have files from the cloud sync to your Mac or PC, you can now do that very cheaply on Google Drive if you want more than 15GB of that storage (15GB is still and always has been free!).

If you have already been buying extra storage on Google Drive, don’t worry. All current paying customers are being switched over to this new pricing system automatically.

Are you already buying cloud storage? Does this news make you want to start storing all of your data in Google Drive, now that it is eminently more affordable? Let us know in the comments!


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