Introducing the Getting Things Tech Privacy Toolkit

Today, it is no secret that the World Wide Web has become a dangerous place for one’s privacy. Between government surveillance, corporate data gathering, and increasingly sophisticated hackers, there are just too many threats for the average person to contend with. We are going to do something about that.

Our already growing privacy content will begin to be more cohesive. The underlying assumption behind everything we do here at Getting Things Tech is to put figurative tools in your technological toolbox. For those that are privacy-minded or at least want to take measures to protect themselves, we will brand forthcoming privacy content under the umbrella of theĀ Getting Things Tech Privacy Toolkit.

Stage by stage, we’ll be rolling out tutorials and recommendations to make each aspect of your technological life safer and more private. We will aim to give you options that work for both beginners and the highly tech-literate. Similarly, we will break down the bare-minimum types of privacy measures versus those that are geared towards those who want bulletproof security.

For a sampling of already-published content, check out:

While we encourage you to check out our privacy-oriented tech news, it won’t be a part of our privacy toolkit though we often will respond to current events by providing topical tutorials and app recommendations.

After all bases have sufficiently been covered, look out for an ebook format of everything, which we will share under the same Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license that all of our text-based content is shared under.

Featured image by Wiertz Sebastien (Flickr)


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