Best deals of the year on SD cards from Amazon today

Amazon is having one of their Gold Box Sales today, this time on SD cards and microSD cards. These are really great deals on better-than-standard SD cards and microSD cards.

These cards can serve a variety of uses. Photographers often use these as storage, though most will want to opt for the higher-capacity ones. There are still many cell phones and tablets that support microSD cards for storage expansion, particularly Samsung devices. My Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 has only 16GB of storage, but I have a 32GB microSD card in there where I store all of my photos, music, videos, and certain apps.

You can also use these like any other flash memory (like a USB drive), but this probably isn’t as convenient as those.

Should you go with PLUS or PRO? That depends on your usage.

PLUS is at a lower price point and, while better than the most basic SD and microSD cards, is for more basic uses. If you’re just expanding the storage on your Android device, for instance, this is perfect. Use on an older digital camera that you use for recreational photos would be appropriate, too.

The PRO cards offer several meaningful upgrades. First of all, data transfer speeds are almost twice as fast. If you’re going to do big transfers onto or off of the card, you’ll see a huge time difference in those operations. They also are much more physically durable and won’t be harmed by some dust, light impacts, moist air, and things like that. For professional or enthusiast photographers, these would be a must. Anyone who is worried they might break their SD card would benefit here, too.


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