LastPass offers premium features to students for free

Our favorite password manager and overall excellent tool to make it easy to follow online security best practices LastPass is offering a promotion to students who aren’t ready to commit to the $12/year subscription to their premium service. They get it for free!

While I would consider the $12/year to be absolute chump change compared to the overall value added of LastPass, nothing beats free. If you’re not sure what LastPass is all about or want to see how its features might compare to your current solution, check out our extended article on that very subject. One thing is for sure, if you are using your web browser to remember your passwords right now, stop! Look into LastPass and any other password manager before you are compromised.

LastPass, without premium features, is quite great. However, the premium features bring it to a new level. We usually have insecure habits with our passwords and other online behavior due to how inconvenient it can be to create, remember, and input complex and unique passwords for all of our accounts. The premium features on LastPass offers features that are essential to adding convenience while also enabling features that add truly unreal security to your account if you need it.

Here’s an overview of the best premium features:

  • Mobile support – unlock LastPass on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. This is surely a very big deal to many people. The mobile app can automatically sign you into apps as well as allowing you to switch to a LastPass keyboard when you want to easily input your data without switching to the LastPass app.
  • No more ads! They hardly had a thing when I was using the free version, but no ads is always better.
  • Lock down your applications by password protecting them, too.
  • Share select passwords with friends and family. You can create shared folders where you can share Netflix, Hulu, or similarly shared accounts with friends and family – they don’t have to have a premium subscription to be in the group, either. Manage permissions to decide if group members should be able to edit passwords or just use them.
  • Use YubiKey, your own USB thumb drive, or fingerprint scanners to access your LastPass account. These are awesomely secure options to add a second layer of authentication to your LastPass account and make your passwords that much safer.

Check out the details and get your free premium upgrade here.


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